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Level Editing Q3A
The most helpful sites around. nuff said.


The most active and informative Q3A site on the net, you never know who might drop by.

Astro took his leave of the Quake3world and started his own site, very high quality information by some of the best mappers around.


An excellent resource for beginning mappers, tons of tutorials

My Heros

  • Digital Arenas Blaise, has been a hero to the mapping community. As ISP's tighten up bandwidth, Blaise has stepped in to fill the need for all us wayward mappers. Thanks   

  • Kat's UK Q3A site This guy maps, models, texture creation, and is a whiz and web pages, an excellent site. Plus, he mirrors my maps for the UK crowd. :)

thanks Kat.

for god sakes somebody buy something from her, and tell her you heard about it here so she'll let me map in peace! :)